Ghost Hunt At Guys Cliffe House, Warwick


Join E&E Paranormal for a Ghost hunt at Guys Cliffe House. Participate in a host of experiments and have complete access to our paranormal equipment throughout the evening.

Our team can’t wait to welcome you to this incredible location & to share a night of paranormal investigating that you’ll remember forever for all the right reasons!

For just £45 per person you’ll enjoy the following:
Entire night investigating with our team
Group Vigils
Use of our Paranormal Equipment
Psychic Medium
Snacks, hot and cold drinks are Included

Please ensure we have your correct email address, as we will need to send you details of the event closer to the date.

This is a ticketless event, please sign in on arrival. Tickets are NOT transferable.

All guests must be 18 years or older

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Guys Cliffe House in Warwickshire is a Gothic Mansion that is shrouded in mystery. During your ghost hunt at Guys Cliffe House you will have the opportunity to investigate the Masonic Temple Rooms, the Coach House, the Wine Cellar, the Basement Hall, Guys Cave and the Cloisters Cave, where you will be able to experience a host of paranormal experiments.

This incredible location has had lots of paranormal phenomena including poltergeist activity, the sound of heavy footsteps in empty corridors, as well as disembodied voices and heavy footsteps with dragging noises frequently heard above the Chapel. The house was used as a hospital during both World Wars, and became a school for evacuated children.

What’s included:
Group Vigils
Spirit board sessions
Use of Paranormal Equipment
ITC sessions
Psychic Medium
EVP sessions
Table tipping
Snacks, hot and cold drinks are also included.

Please inform us of any allergies. You do not have to take part in anything you don’t want to.

What you will need for this event:
Please ensure you are wearing flat, gripped footwear as there are many stairs at this location.
Warm clothing is recommended as this venue can get cold.
We will be investigating in the dark or low light, so please ensure you have a torch. Please do not use head torches as this can blind other guests.
If you have any of your own paranormal equipment you are more than welcome to bring it to use on the investigation.

Please note tickets are not transferable and non-refundable – unless the event is cancelled by E&E Paranormal.
Unsuitable for guests who are pregnant or consider themselves to have limited mobility.

Disclaimer: This event is for entertainment purposes only, paranormal activity cannot always be guaranteed.

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