Online Spirit box Session


Join Lin & Paul from E&E Paranormal for a spirit box session live on Zoom on Friday 19th July from 7pm to 9pm BST. You will have the chance to ask questions and possibly receive a message. There will also be the opportunity to discuss any findings afterwards.

This is a ticketless event. You will be sent an email with the Zoom login details the day before the event.

This evening is a form of experiment; no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. You are not guaranteed a personal message. 18+ only.

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What is a Spirit Box?

A spirit box is essentially a specialized radio used in paranormal research to communicate with spirits or ghosts by detecting EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). While it functions as a radio, its unique tools and features set it apart from a standard radio.

How Does a Spirit Box Work?

A spirit box is a modified radio that rapidly scans multiple stations continuously, unlike a standard radio that plays one station at a time. For example, during a car trip, you select a particular station or frequency and listen to it for as long as you want. In contrast, a spirit box, or ghost scanner radio, scans all stations repeatedly on both AM and FM bands without stopping at any specific frequency.

This continuous scanning is believed to facilitate communication with spirits, as they are thought to use various radio frequencies. The spirit box doesn’t stop when it finds a channel but pauses to capture any incoming messages, typically in the form of noises, audio, voices, and occasionally whole phrases or sentences. This capability allows it to pick up on paranormal activity while scanning the stations.

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