The Avebury Oracle Cards – Melanie Jones


We are delighted to have these beautiful cards now in stock. The cards depict 40 Sacred Stones and Angels that reside in the largest Stone Circle in the World.

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These cards showcase 40 Sacred Stones and Angels found in the world’s largest Stone Circle. The deck invites personal guidance and self-exploration, designed for those beginning a journey to open their hearts and minds. By being mindful of our internal thoughts, external energies, intentions, and truths, we discover more about ourselves. This awareness lifts our consciousness, making us explicitly aware of guidance from Angels around us.

Melanie Jones’ art is directly inspired and channelled from Spirit in Avebury. Melanie is on her own spiritual journey, intending to guide others in expressing their true essence of soul and spirit.

To live a life of love, compassion, and inner peace, continuous self-development is crucial. The goal is to journey endlessly, aiming to coexist peacefully and create a Brotherhood and Sisterhood connected to the Great Divine Spirit – the Un-nameable One known by a thousand names.