Meet Lin

I have always been aware of the presence of Spirit. This awareness was a source of comfort and guidance to me during my frequent hospitalizations as a child. In my late teens, I began to explore spirituality more deeply, attending spiritualist churches and participating in development circles.

Over the past 20 years, I have continued to deepen my connection with Spirit and have completed numerous training courses to hone my skills. I have completed a mentorship program with Gordon Smith, a prominent figure in the field of spiritual mediumship. More recently I have completed a mentorship with Spiritual Healer & Teacher Steven Levitt.

I find great fulfillment in my work with Spirit. I believe that it is my life’s purpose to help others, and I do this by offering one-on-one readings and healing sessions. Through dedication and expertise, I strive to provide comfort, healing, and guidance to those in need.

Meet Paul

When I first met Lin and learnt about her abilities as a medium, I initially held little interest in spirituality and maintained a skeptical stance. However, through numerous conversations with Lin and a series of personal experiences, my perspective has shifted, leading me to consider the validity of these happenings. The passing of my parents some time ago, coupled with compelling evidence, has significantly swayed me; I am now almost completely convinced, around 99%, that our existence transcends earthly life, rather than simply ceasing to exist.

I look after the I.T. side of Energy And Empathy as well as providing audio-visual services for our events.

Had a lovely reading from Lin, she is a very gentle and gifted person. Really helpful reading, I would recommend her.


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